Think strategically to uncover the answers and design adequate solutions to grow your business.

Strategic development and design for people willing to do big things.

Brands, before anything, are made by people and for people. It drives relationships, arouses feelings, and inspires actions. Thus, the creative process of building a brand also needs to be people-centred.

That's why my work is based on collaboration and focused on a process that allows me to map people's desires and needs. By identifying and understanding these facts, I have the tools to start designing not only relevant and innovative but viable solutions with efficiency and capability. 

The Double Diamond

The Double Diamond Process consists of divergent and convergent thinking.

It means we open our minds to learn, discover and explore when diverging. On the flip side, we focus on identifying problems, finding solutions and delivering outcomes when converging.


Dive deep into the brand's world to learn the problem, and unravel the challenges and goals to be worked on. Also, discover the motivations and needs to gather enlightenment and inspiration for the project.


Condense and edit what we have learned to establish new perspectives and find opportunities to innovate. Our goal is to find elements that will drive our creative process and helps us make future-oriented decisions to take the brand from where it is now to where it wants to be.


Explore ideas and define a strategy to develop a project based on knowledge and experience. Then we use it to develop creative directions and tangible solutions.


Develop all the necessary assets and materials to bring the final solution to life and implement it in the real world with success and practicality.

is the key!

Yes, that is my motto! Collaboration is essential to building a solid brand identity and strategy. And at Studio Themm, I collaborate a lot, either with my clients or partnering up with other creatives. When the right people get involved in a project, the combination of different views and histories turns into insights and opportunities to create something unique.

So don't be shy. If you are looking to develop a unique brand identity, reach out and let's collaborate.

Project models references

Each project is unique and should be customised for your own necessities. However, when developing projects, these are the most common work scope.


Show yourself

• Benchmark Research
• Brand Attributes
• Logo
• Typography
• Colour Palette
• Graphic System
• Photography Style
• Brand Collaterals
• Guidelines Manual


Tell your story

• Pack 1 +
• Naming
• Positioning
• Messaging
• Trueline + Tagline
• Brand Persona
• Brand Manifest
• Storytelling Script
• Brand Book


Own your future

• Pack 2 +
• Purpose, Mission, Vision
• Target Audience
• Gap Analisys
• Ideas Generation
• Goal Prioritisation
• User journey
• Strategy Roadmap
• Brand Architecture

These packages can be customised according to your business necessity. Send me an inquiry and find out which one better applies to your business

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